8 Tips to Get Perfectly Lined Yards with Landscape Edging

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8 Tips to Get Perfectly Lined Yards with Landscape Edging graphic

We’ve all seen them: landscapes with bright green grass side-by-side with beautifully manicured shrubs or flower beds, next to dark, rich wood chips or soil—everything exactly in its place. It’s the thing of landscapers’ dreams.

You can achieve it, too, with landscape edging. Ewing carries a variety of landscape edging products to help you create those crisp lines and make your landscape dreams a reality.

Learn how to easily install landscape edging with these eight tips.

1) Decide what’s right for your site

When installing landscape edging, you will first need to decide which type of edging is right for your site.

Ewing carries a variety of edging products to choose from, including durable plastic, steel and aluminum.

2) Design the desired shape

Before cutting into the soil, map out the desired shape you want to achieve with string or spray paint.

3) Dig a trench

Once you have your product picked out and mapped out the area you want to edge, you’re ready to get started. Dig a trench deep enough to fit the width of your landscape edging product while leaving 1-inch of the product uncovered. For example, if you have a 4-inch edging product, dig a 3-inch trench.

Using a trenching shovel will provide a straight cut into the soil without having to dig deeper than you need.

4) Insert edging

After you’ve dug the trench, insert the edging into the ground, placing it tight against the soil.

5) Trim edging and connect the sides

Once the edging is in its place, cut the excess edging to fit the area.

6) Anchor in the edging

Anchor the edging into the ground by hammering in ground stakes.

7) Backfill the edging

After the edging is in place and anchored down, backfill the trench with the loose soil. Leave some of the edging uncovered, otherwise the grass will grow over it and cover the edging line completely.

8) Pack down the soil

Pack the soil down with a tamper to keep the soil in place.

Have you installed landscape edging into your landscapes? Let us know how it went and send us photos of your completed projects in the comments below.


Products you’ll need for this job:









Landscape edging               Trenching shovel              Hammer









        Saw                                     Tamper                         Stakes

8 Tips to Get Perfectly Lined Yards with Landscape Edging graphic
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