Bright Ideas for Better Landscape Lighting Bids

By Laura Ory on May 22, 2018 in BlogNo Comments

Bright Ideas for Better Landscape Lighting Bids graphic

Have you ever had potential clients interested in landscape lighting, but were scared off by the cost?

Sticker-shock happens, but don’t give up just yet when the client says no or they’ll “have to think about it.” Here are four ways to put nervous landscape lighting buyers at ease.

1. Remind them of the benefits

It’s always a good idea to remind people of the reason they became interested in landscape lighting, and all the benefits it can provide:

  • Added beauty, ambiance and enjoyment of their outdoor spaces, day or night
  • Inviting spaces for outdoor entertaining
  • Increased safety when walking after dark
  • Increased security, reducing cover of darkness around a property
  • Added curb appeal for potential buyers

Potential buyers may not have thought about all these benefits before, so sharing them can help them see the value it can provide.

2. Do a night demo

A night demo uses a temporary light set up to show clients the impact landscape lighting can have in their landscape.

Your prospects may not be able to picture the aesthetic difference outdoor lighting can create in their landscape by highlighting plants, water features, stonework or architectural details.

Seeing is believing, so a night demo can often sell the job. Setting up a temporary lighting display, even in just one area of their landscape, can really wow and show them the impact great landscape lighting can have.

Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply stores and our vendor partners often have night demo kits available for this purpose. Contact your local Ewing representative to get in touch with someone who can assist you with setting up a night demo.

3. Make it more enticing with add-ons

If the landscape lighting package you’ve quoted doesn’t seem exciting enough for the cost, perhaps a more enticing offer can help, color-changing lights that your client can control with their smart phone. 

Or you may want to introduce them to other amenities that tie into a low voltage system, like an outdoor sound system, that can be added with less additional labor cost.

These add-ons may actually increase the overall cost of the project, but the added benefits of a sound system, protection from mosquitoes or the fun of color-changing lights, can make your client feel like they are getting more value for their money.

4. Take advantage of specials and value products 

Selecting less decorative fixtures can help shave a few hundred bucks off total cost of the build for your clients. A Ewing Service Professional can help you find less expensive options. But beware of sacrificing quality for savings—always make sure the products you buy are from a reputable manufacturer with warranties, to save yourself hassle and disappointment of poor quality fixtures that won’t stand the test of time.

You can also make sure to watch for specials and stock up when popular fixtures and transformers are on sale. Check with your local Ewing for these updates.

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Bright Ideas for Better Landscape Lighting Bids graphic
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