For Fall Overseeding Success, Remember to Apply Topdressing

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For Fall Overseeding Success, Remember to Apply Topdressing graphic

The calendar says it’s time for fall overseeding. You got your seeds, and you got your spreader, so you’re good to go, right? Not quite. To improve the odds of green, healthy lawns this winter, include an application of topdressing when you overseed.

Why do this when you’re putting down seed? Toppers available at Ewing, like Kellogg’s Garden Organic Topper and Family Tree’s Hydro/Overseed Compost Topper, provide moisture as well as protection to seeds, said Chad Mosier, manager at Ewing’s South Las Vegas, Nev., location: “Birds, rain and wind can affect your overall outcome, so apply topdressing when you overseed for a better germination rate in your clients’ landscapes.”PRIMG Misc Seed Spreader

Along with helping to create green, appealing winter lawns, topdressing can operate as a solution to existing turf issues, like uneven or low areas. Leveling out these trouble spots with seed topper can help reduce compaction in high traffic areas, and keep turf healthy overall.

Keep a close eye on your application rate, so you aren’t burying seeds in topdressing. Apply a small amount to create a thin layer, usually one-eighth of an inch, and rake it in. Always follow the product instructions for optimal results.

Want to take it up a notch? Aerate in an application of AquaSmart PRO for even stronger moisture protection. This polymer-coated sand product works as a straight additive for increased moisture retention and growth.

To learn more about having a successful overseeding season with useful products like topdressing, go to your local Ewing store to get started, and watch this Ewing video explaining how to read a seed label.

For Fall Overseeding Success, Remember to Apply Topdressing graphic
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