Get Ahead of Landscape Drainage Problems

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With the heavy monsoon rains in the Southwest or the deluges that can occur all across the country, comes drainage issues.

What can you do to avoid drainage problems? The most important thing that you can do is plan ahead by putting drainage parts into your initial landscape bids. Being proactive and installing drainage during the initial landscape development will save you time, money and headaches in the future.

Here are a few common drainage control products that can help you protect your client’s landscapes and aid storm drainage and erosion control.


When driving through our beautiful country you may see “tubes” of straw on the side of highways where there is a steep incline or wrapped around drain grates. These are called wattles and are used, along with stakes, to keep the soil from eroding and to keep drain grates free of debris.

Jute Netting and Erosion Control Blankets

Other products like jute netting and erosion control blankets, are used like a blanket on the ground with staples to hold the soil in place. These blankets are made out of a multitude of material like aspen or coconut fibers and can be biodegradable. They are mainly used after new construction to give seeds something to hold on to until roots develop, which in turn will hold the soil in place.

Flex Pipe or Flex Drain

Flex pipe is commonly sold in three- or four-inch diameters and can be attached to downspouts on gutter systems to move the water away from both the foundation of the house and the landscape.

Plan Ahead

While these and other drainage products will help move water or keep sediment from washing away, they work much better if they are installed before the problem arises. Remind your customers that the key to long term success in their landscape planning revolves around proper drainage applications.

Don’t be afraid to suggest drainage products for your initial landscape installations—you’ll be helping your customers enjoy a quality landscape that will stand up to monsoon season.

To learn more about drainage control solutions from Ewing, shop online or visit your local Ewing.

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