Get Smart + Save Water With Soil Amendments

By Jennifer Klemmetson on July 15, 2016 in BlogNo Comments

Get Smart + Save Water With Soil Amendments graphic

Get smart and save water this July! Landscapes are our livelihoods and water is our greatest resource. Help save water with these soil amendments that can help your landscapes be healthier and improve their water use.

PRIMG AM Holganix Before AfterGrow more resilient turf with steady non-surge growth with Holganix Lawn. Use this organic, living biology to grow long roots for healthy, thick green turf that can better withstand disease, drought and insects and reduce fertilizer inputs.


PRIMG AM AquaSmart with FlowersAquaSmart PRO is a super-absorbent polymer coated sand that can hold up to 12 times its weight in water, and keeps moisture accessible in the soil profile long after the surface dries. It can help you reduce waterings by up to 50 percent.


PRIMG Prod Holganix Healthy GrowHealthy Grow 2-4-3 is a granular fertilizer that is infused with Holganix ingredients to help plants become more efficient in their uptake of nutrients. When turf and other plants are able to get nutrients, they are healthier. By selecting an organic approach like Healthy Grow, you are choosing a product that reduces the amount of chemicals running off into waterways.

With help from Ewing, you can save water and maintain beautiful landscapes. Find these and more July product specials on

Get Smart + Save Water With Soil Amendments graphic
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