Get Started Adding Water Features to Backyard Gardens

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Water features add to the atmosphere of a backyard garden, whether the goal is a relaxing place for meditation, a place to visit with friends and family or a place for kids to learn and play. If you’ve never installed a water feature before, don’t fear! There are some features that are easy to put together, but can still provide a calming environment.

Fountainscape or Flowing Vase

Fountainscapes are an easy-to-create water feature that adds the sound of running water and the benefits of a water feature in a small space. Fountainscapes have three components: a basin/bowl, a pump kit and a feature.

How to do it: Fountainscapes can be installed in five easy steps: (1) Dig a hole, (2) Drop in the basin, (3) Hook up the pump, (4) Set the feature, and finally (5) Add rocks, rinse and turn on! Sounds simple, right? Watch this video to see it being installed:

Patio Pond

Adding a patio pond is a simple way to have a water feature in almost any setting. Have a client who wants a water feature at their condo? A client who wants less of a water feature to maintain? The patio pond is a system that you can give them to meet their desires.

How to do it: Patio ponds can be installed in six steps: (1) Rinse the bowl and remove debris, (2) Fill with water, (3) Add water conditioner if you plan to add fish or plants, (4) Add a decorative element for running water, or add underwater lighting, (5) Add rock or gravel, and (6) Add plants or goldfish. Watch this video to see these steps in action and learn about other elements to accent this feature.

Spillway Bowl

For a feature that adds the sights and sounds of water to any space, try a spillway bowl. With water flowing over the edge of the bowl, this feature can create a soothing atmosphere to a yard.

How to do it: Basins can be installed in seven steps: (1) Excavate for the Aquabasin, (2) Compact the soil and use gravel to create a flat, even surface, (3) Install the Aquabasin and ensure that it’s level, (4) Place the bowl on top, (5) Connect plumbing and place the pump into the basin, (6) Add water, and (7) Add gravel and rocks around the feature. To watch this feature being installed, check out this video.

As a contractor, water features don’t have to be a one-time service. You can create repeat business opportunities by offering maintenance and cleaning services to your clients.

Your local Ewing branch may have a pond build event or educational opportunity coming up. To find out more about getting started with ponds and other water features, fill out Ewing’s contact form and select “Lighting and Water Features,” or shop now.

Get Started Adding Water Features to Backyard Gardens graphic
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