Is the Drought Really Over?

By Warren S. Gorowitz on February 19, 2010 in BlogNo Comments

Is the Drought Really Over? graphic

A recent USA Today article states “The nationwide drought that had farmers, communities, and entire states fighting to conserve water has reversed in the most dramatic turnaround since federal scientists began keeping records.”

As I read it, I pondered what implications this will have on the everyday person who reads it and feels like they can return to their normal water wasting habits. There’s no question that the recent widespread rain and snow, which has blanketed much of the United States this winter, has helped our nation’s water situation.

The question is, have we solved the widespread infrastructure problems and water delivery issues that have occurred as the nation’s population has grown rapidly without the water systems to support it? Is water truly priced based on costs, and do people value it—or just expect it to be there?

The water shortage in many ways may become the norm for the Green Industry. We have a tremendous opportunity to take a leadership role and be good stewards of this precious resource, water. It really does all start with each individual, as we must change our habits and consider promoting efficiency in everything we do. The Green Industry has the solutions; it’s a matter of whether or not we want to apply them.

Is the Drought Really Over? graphic
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