New Rachio Controller: More to Love

By Jennifer Klemmetson on April 18, 2016 in Blog1 Comment

New Rachio Controller: More to Love graphic

Last year, Rachio won over irrigation pros and their clients with fast and easy installation and water saving advantages.

Now Rachio has release its Generation 2 controller, with more features and benefits:

Expanded Capabilities: Rachio Gen 2 supports up to 16 zones and two sensors.

On Board Controls: Now it’s possible to install Rachio on new builds or when Wi-Fi isn’t available. Run zones or set up a temporary schedule right from the controller.

Easier Wiring + Testing: A roomier wiring bay makes installation easier, and the new single plate design allows for voltage testing.

Easier Setup: No longer requires “blinkup.” Clients can easily connect a Rachio controller to Wi-Fi using the Rachio App on their iPhone, Android or iPad.

New Outdoor Enclosure: Mount the Rachio controller outdoors using the new outdoor enclosure for weatherproof protection, sold separately.

More Rachio Advantages

Landscaper Access: Manage all your clients’ Rachio controllers from your own account. Once Rachio has been set up on a client’s device, they can share access with you using your email address, so you’ll never have to ask for your clients’ passwords.

Extended Warranty: Extended warranty with pro install. Rachio is now offering an additional two years of warranty (for a total of four years) on any product installed by a professional. This offer is only on product purchased from pro distributors, like Ewing. This is a $50 value for the pro to leverage with their customers. Talk to your Ewing Service Professional for more details.

Retrofit Opportunities: A majority of Rachio installations replace existing controllers. Introduce Rachio to your new and former clients before someone else does!

Visit your local Ewing store to check out the latest Rachio controller, or shop online today.

New Rachio Controller: More to Love graphic
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  1. Shayne May 13, 2016 at 11:43 am #

    Nice Article! I just installed a Rachio 2 and it was a breeze. Anyway, I also found out that the county that I live in will reimburse me the total cost of my new Rachio.

    Which should easily sway new users to Rachio over manual controllers. It was a no brainer for me. Save water and money for the controller.

    Rachio will even help find you a rebate or you can check your local water utility for rebate forms.

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