Return of the Tools: Coming to a Ewing Near You

By Kayli Hanley on June 7, 2017 in BlogNo Comments

Return of the Tools: Coming to a Ewing Near You graphic

It’s Ewing Season! Summer is here and so is our Return of the Tools Sale! *Cue theme song* If you thought the Spring Tools EOP was cool, prepare to be wowed with this return tool sale. Read up on the details you need to know below, so you can start shopping this blockbuster sale today.

So easy to save you don’t have to try

A long time ago, a green, pokey-eared little fellow said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” The take away here? Taking part in this promotion makes it so easy to save money you don’t even have to try! Simply spend at least $300 on tools between June 1 and July 15 and save up to 35 percent on your tool purchase.

Cooling towel, crowning glory or both?

It’s an intense moment in a movie when a long awaited king returns to his rightful place on the throne. You, too, can make a your PRIMG.Misc.Crownreturn entrance from Ewing back to work glorious by bringing home a free cooling towel!

Customers who purchase $100 of Corona tools will receive a free, super chill cooling towel (while supplies last). So go ahead, make a smart purchase and prepare to receive your crown, (or in this case, cooling towel).

Be the hero of your sequel
(Return of the Tools) Landscape Supplies, Tools & Accessories

Movie sequels aren’t always good, but sometimes they’re great! Be the star of your own sequel by taking part in the Return of the Tools sale, going on June 1 through July 15, in store only at your local Ewing.

Return of the Tools: Coming to a Ewing Near You graphic
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