Solve Drainage Problems with Flo-Well and EZflow

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Solve Drainage Problems with Flo-Well and EZflow graphic

Whether your region experiences occasional sprinkles or frequent deluges, drainage is needed nationwide, and knowing how to properly install it can build your business offerings.

Two common drainage problems contractors encounter are water puddling in low spots or collecting in places where drainage solutions are difficult to install. Flo-Well and EZflow provide solutions to both of these problems.

Avoid puddling in low spots with Flo-Well

When water collects in low spots, typically it’s because there is no exit route available for the water to continue its journey. Installing a drywell basin, like Flo-Well, under the surface can solve this problem.

Flo-Well collects runoff and stores it in an underground basin. From there, it can either disperse the water to other areas of a property, or hold it until it’s manually drained.

Brandon Thale, Branch Manager in Bend, Ore., said some cities have strict requirements for runoff and require homeowners to retain their runoff. With a capability of holding up to 50 gallons of water, Flo-Well provides an easy solution for water containment concerns!

Flo-Well is lightweight and comes ready to install, making the installation process easy and efficient.

Simplify French drain installations with EZflow

Another challenge many contractors face involves determining a drainage solution for areas where installing a typical French drain isn’t feasible. Remote properties or steep inclines can make it difficult to haul in gravel.

EZflow is a drainage product that creates a French drain without the use of gravel. While eliminating gravel reduces costs, it also reduces labor requirements.

EZflow is composed of ASTM F405 corrugated pipe and wrapped in expanded polystyrene aggregate that is encased in 30-Sieve geotextile mesh. The all-in-one French drain design can cut installation time in half.

“It’s both easy to install and built to last,” Thale said.

Learn more about how EZflow can simplify the French drain installation process here.

Watch how to install it below.

NDS Drainage Solutions:

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Solve Drainage Problems with Flo-Well and EZflow graphic
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