The Benefits of Precision Container Irrigation for Growers

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The Benefits of Precision Container Irrigation for Growers graphic

When most people think of growing things in the agriculture world, their minds wander to open plains with cultivated fields and miles of seedlings as far as the eye can see. While it is true that many crops do well in this kind of environment, precision container irrigation for growers has proven itself to be a worthy contender for agriculture sectors like nurseries and greenhouses.

What is the big difference between traditional irrigation and the agricultural variety of container irrigation purposed for nurseries and self-use growers?

“It’s growing a crop inside multiple containers (otherwise known as “pot in pot”) vs. growing a crop straight out of the ground,” said Dave Bower, Grower Product Specialist for Ewing Irrigation.

Pressure-compensating emitters make great additions to precision container irrigation. They can help promote dense growth and are cost efficient.

Crops that are nursery oriented or grown for self-use have greatly benefited from this style of irrigation. If you are a commercial nursery, family farm or any kind of grower that raises plants for resale, this method will look attractive.

Precision container irrigation for growers gives a grower maximum control of the product they are growing. Two functions in particular are enhanced by this style of irrigation.

Controlling the Input

This method of irrigation allows a grower to customize virtually any element the plant receives.

“You have complete control of all the inputs that go into your plants,” Bower said.

This is huge for those who live in areas with soil or rainfall that does not match up with the needs of the crop they wish to grow. With the agricultural variety of container irrigation, a grower can customize soil mix, water amounts and even the variety of fertilizer given to each plant. PRIMG-Grower-Container Irrigation for Growers

The bottom line: Clay soil, sandy soil, high rainfall, low rainfall—it doesn’t matter! A grower’s location is not as impactful on nursery-oriented crops as it used to be. Each container can be filled with a handpicked combination of ingredients that each plant needs for success.

Controlling the Seasons

With the agricultural variety of container irrigation, climates with harsh winters or severe summers no longer pose a threat to plants that are sensitive to the cold or heat. Why? The answer is simple.

Bower explained that temperature isn’t a big concern because you can move plants indoors depending on what climate they prefer.

Growing a crop “pot in pot” via container gives a grower the power to extend seasons and bypass extreme weather conditions that would otherwise adversely affect their crop.

The bottom line: Precision container irrigation for growers allows for year-round growing and can increase profitability in areas where climate plays a large factor in plant growth.

Get Started, or Keep Going!

Whether you are new to the world of precision container irrigation for growers, or have been utilizing this method for sometime, Ewing has the products like drip tubing, emitters and more, that are necessary to create and maintain a productive agriculture oriented container irrigation system!

The bottom line: Stop by your local Ewing store and talk to a customer service specialist who can assist you in finding the right agriculture oriented container irrigation products for your crop.

The Benefits of Precision Container Irrigation for Growers graphic
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