The Ultimate Kit for Irrigation Auditors

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The Ultimate Kit for Irrigation Auditors graphic

Irrigation auditors are the few and the proud who have taken the time and effort to learn how to measure landscape irrigation water use.

If that’s you, then Ewing salutes you!

Now you can put your water auditing skills into action with an Irrigation Audit Kit.

Irrigation AuditThis kit includes all the basic tools needed for an irrigation audit:

  • 36 catch cans and stands
  • 2 pressure gauges
  • Pressure gauge tee for female-style spray heads
  • Gauge to ¾-inch FHT swivel adaptor
  • Pitot tube
  • Hose assembly
  • 100 marking flags
  • Spray nozzle adjustment screwdriver
  • Storage bucket with yellow lid for easy identification

So when you get the call to do an audit, you can grab your Irrigation Audit Kit bucket and have the tools you need at hand!

Get Trained and Certified

Don’t know much about irrigation audits? Gaining irrigation certification, such as the Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) or another certification through the Irrigation Association, is a smart way to gain a competitive edge.

Certification can give you more credibility with customers and employers, and solidifies your knowledge in landscape water-efficiency.

Ewing offers a Landscape Irrigation Auditor workshop to prepare people looking to take the CLIA certification test.

In addition to the Irrigation Association, other certifying programs include:

Contact your local landscape or irrigation association or state board for more opportunities.

The Ultimate Kit for Irrigation Auditors graphic
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