With Firegear Outdoors, You Can Build Your Business with Fire

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With Firegear Outdoors, You Can Build Your Business with Fire graphic

August is National Hardscape Month at Ewing, and we’re highlighting select fire features all month. Here’s how you can get your clients fired up for fire features and increase your summer sales, starting with gas fire pits.

Heat up the nights with a fire pit
With a gas-fueled fire pit, you can avoid the smoke, ash and embers of a wood fire. Transform any backyard into the ultimate hot spot with a gas fire pit from Firegear Outdoors. Assemble one today with the right product mix:

Accentuate fire with your clients’ favorite fire accessories
A fire feature in the backyard becomes a visually attractive focal point. To enhance the aesthetic appeal of fire, accentuate it with accessories from Firegear:

Accentuate fire features with FireGlass.

Accentuate fire features with FireGlass.

When you include accessories like these, you create a feature that complements the personal tastes of your clients.

“What makes these products appealing is their aesthetic value,” said Chris Kurklin, manager at Ewing’s Katy, Tex., location. “You can take what your client has in mind and make it real and visual.”

The more you embellish a fire feature, the more real your clients’ visions will become.

Fire features open the door to outdoor living
Fire features can be just the beginning. Take advantage of fire as an opportunity to introduce your clients to other outdoor living options available at Ewing.

“Look at the existing yard and work in related products. Bring up each related item, like stone, pavers, grills and kitchens, when talking about what your client wants their feature to look like,” Kurklin said.

Build your business with fire
Ewing is bringing you fire in August. Ready to get started? Watch this Ewing video on how to build a gas fire pit:

Visit your local Ewing store or check out Ewing’s outdoor living packages to learn more about how you can build your business with fire.

With Firegear Outdoors, You Can Build Your Business with Fire graphic
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